Rhythm Kids!

Rhythm Kids is a music adventure for your child and friends ages 4-7, and is the next step in their music learning. The program features multicultural songs, folk dance, movement, drumming, and music games from Australia to Ghana, and from Japan to Puerto Rico, and many more! Your child will create music experiences, express themselves creatively, and enjoy learning how to make music beginning with their primary instrument, their voice and their body, and by using a djembe, a hand drum from Africa, with fun, and innovative approaches to music education. 

Rhythm Kids is being offered worldwide. and is hailed by music educators as the program that is helping children internalize rhythm and become confident music makers!

Included in Rhythm Kids is a songbook, a CD, with several specific songs written for each collection, and several online video tutorials which serve to help children engage in a private lesson component, bridging the gap between classes and formal instruction. Your child will be totally egnaged and have fun, true, but they will also learn to love music at the next age-appropriate level.

No classes are currently scheduled.