Families Love Music Together of Marin!

I came to the conclusion a couple of weeks ago, that Thursday had become my favorite day of the week. I am truly sorry Saturday, but Thursday is the day that I take my 1½-year-old daughter Sascha to her music class “Music Together®.” Teacher Beth leads our class with great enthusiasm and warmth, rain or shine. She encourages our toddlers, nudges the parents and reacts to the ever-changing chaotic yet harmonious classroom environment. Crying babies, misbehaving toddlers and misbehaving parents are part of the game. Through all this, I admire our teacher’s humility and willingness to try out new things and then recognize when a song or an activity isn’t quite working out as planned. Teacher Beth and other’s like her are the true “maestros” of our time.

I enjoy taking Sascha to music class not only because I love spending time with her, but because it is a great place for me, other parents, and of course the children to blow off some steam. I spend the entire hour of class bellowing out melodies and dancing around like a Hare Krishna until I am more exhausted than my daughter or anyone else for that matter. Sascha and I leave the class well balanced. Whatever previous life pressures were building up prior to this has now been released.

Music Together, Dad Justin Kobe

Music Together has become such a part of our family's lives. We love going to class! The music and the songs are great. Our whole family sings the songs at home and in the car. I enjoy the class as much as my daughter. I always leave with a warm and happy feeling.

Debra S.

Dear Beth, Reid and I have so enjoyed your class for the last 2+ years. It has been such an integral part of his growing up. He loves to sing! He walks around all day singing Music Together songs and playing drums, tambourines, etc. He actually sings on pitch and has great rhythm. And, most important, he loves music and it's fun for him. We will miss you, and class, but thank you so much for the last couple of years.

Love, B

Thank you so much for our wonderful two years of Music Together Classes. The three of us have loved singing, playing music and learning from you. You are a wonderful teacher - inspirational, creative, patient, talented, tireless, enthusiastic, affectionate, and committed. Before having children, I was afraid to sing in public! Now I sing all the time with the children and l look forward to learning how to play the guitar. The boys' favorite activity continues to be playing music. They have a box full of instruments, scarves, guitars, ukuleles, drums etc. Their introduction to music with you Beth will hopefully allow a greater appreciation and confidence in their own musical talents.

Love, M. N & S.

As I watch my 18 month old smile and dance, wide–eyed at the excitement of the music together class, I can’t help remembering my now 6 year-old son who started when he was just an infant. Now that he knows his little brother, Dash, is going, he still asks to attend! The music has become a part of our family fabric as it plays on road trips, during (way too) early mornings, and whenever the kids need a positive boost to shift the energy. Music was part of my life growing up and I am so happy I could give this to my children as well. Thank you Beth and ALL the wonderful, excellent teachers we have had along the way. You are part of our family DNA!


Thank you for two wonderful years of music. Your class is the high point of our week and we'll really miss seeing you. Our whole family has gotten so much out of the Music Together program - musically, socially, mentally & spiritually. We are excited to raise #2 with it!


Music Together has been a wonderful influence on my children's early upbringing. They just love the music, and we utilize the rhythm patterns, games and CDs constantly. "Teacher Beth" is someone we have looked forward to seeing every week, for the 5+ years that we've known her. I've been so lucky to be able to include Music Together as an incredibly joyous part of my children's early childhood.

Marla, mother of 4

My 22 month old and I have been attending the Fall Session with teacher Beth and I cannot say enough good things about the Music Together Program. What a great compilation of songs! Renzo absolutely loves listening to them at home and in the car and going to class is such a fun experience every week. Teacher Beth is so gracious and her voice so lovely. She is clearly passionate about what she does. I have already signed up for the winter session and can’t wait to hear the new CD. Renzo has started humming a few of the Flutes CD songs, and in tune!


Ryan enjoys your music class because:

He likes to sing the songs after class
He likes the instruments the best
He is comfortable with your gentle manner
He likes to be with the other kids.

I enjoy the music class because:
The music makes me happy
I like to sing the songs
I am comfortable with your gentle manner
I like the rhythm movements (ba ba bbb ba)
It's a fun place to come on Monday morning.

Thank you Beth!

Ryan & Kathy

Thank you for your passionate energy and beautiful spirit. Noah has loved coming and we hope to do another class soon. Your warmth and kind heart towards little ones is contagious just like the music your sing and share. 

Love, Sierra and Noah